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On our first day of school were making 100 Cords. We took 2 colors of beads and threaded them in groups of 10s.
We will use these to help reinforce place value.

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I have been teaching my kids what scientist do. They make hypothosis, question, test, etc. I made the hypothosis that if I planted a donut seed a donut plant would grow. The kids were really cute. They said, "Mrs. Justus, that is just a cheerio!" They were convinced that nothing would happen. Well, lo..and behold.. the next day there was a nugget of a donut. I said, "I like my donuts glazed. I am going to water it with sugar water." The next day they were surprised that the larger donut had glaze on it. (The other one did too, but the power of suggestion overpowered that notion.) Well, it has quickly grown until it now has a stalk and a full grown donut. ( I used donut holes stacked on a plastic fork with a donut on top of that. My goal, besides teaching them that scientist test and question everything, is that you can't believe everything that you see. With the internet so important today, I don't want them to think that everything they see or hear about on the internet is truthful. We have had some fun with it. Tomorrow I will break the news but I will soften the blow with a couple of donut holes each.

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